Jazz facilitates Namal Institute with an innovative learning solution

By Team BitBol,

 Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator and the largest internet
and broadband service provider facilitated Namal Institute during the COVID-19 pandemic and the
resulting lockdown in teaching students without access to the internet or a smart device. The product,
‘Business Line’, introduced by Jazz Business, the country’s largest digital and ICT solutions provider,
gave students access to pre-recorded lectures on a free-of-cost mobile number.
Using this feature of Business Line, the institute’s professors record their lectures over the phone and
share them with the students via a mobile number. The students then call the number and listen to the
“The remote learning solution we offer demonstrated our commitment to quality education in terms of
content and interactive digital tools. During the lockdown, it was clear that we had to combine
technology and education to ensure that our learning outcomes are not negatively impacted, especially
for students from underserved regions”,” said Syed Ali Naseer, Chief Business Officer at Jazz. 
“Namal serves a large variety of students mostly coming from remote areas. Pandemic posed a huge
challenge to us as more than 50% of our students had to face connectivity issues. In this troubling
scenario, we needed a solution to keep teaching our students. Thankfully, Jazz came forward with an
innovative solution that gave access to pre-recorded audio lectures to all our students,” said Dr. Umar
Farooq, Assistant HOD of Business, Namal Institute. 
Jazz also partnered with several other educational institutes to facilitate e-learning. Jazz Business
provided special internet packages and MiFi devices to the staff of AIOU, LUMS, University of
Lahore and Root Millennium, fixed-line data solutions to the staff of LGS, and an exclusive package
for access to Knowledge Platform’s online educational libraries. Affordable weekly and monthly data
& voice packages were also introduced for easy utility of teachers as well as students. 
Even prior to the pandemic, Jazz has actively been working to utilize its resources and digital tools to
provide better learning opportunities to students.  The mobile operator also launched Jazz Parho, an
Android-friendly mobile app, which gives students free-of-cost access to learning resources.

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