The Latest Trend of Egyptian Jewelry in Pakistan

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Egyptian jewelry stands out from the typical Pakistani designs. What does Egyptian jewelry symbolize? These pieces of jewelry are all about using gemstones like emeralds, malachite, pearls, and others. Each gemstone symbolizes unique personality traits and can have a spiritual impact on one’s mood and general physical health. This increases their appeal in Pakistan?

Egyptian Pakistani Designs

A marriage between Egyptian designs and Pakistani artistry results in exquisite designs that are delicate, elegant, and fragile. There is a variety available for women who want to wear jewelry to work and those specifically for party wear. We can expect jewelry that has a bit of bronze, gold, silver, and gemstones. There is also other completely artificial jewelry as well.

Types of Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptians wear necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, heavy neck collars, brooches, and buttons on their clothing. Wealthy Egyptians have worn jewelry with precious jewels and made of gold. In Pakistan, we will see Egyptian styles of this jewelry.

Egyptian Ring Styles

Typically, the rings have hieroglyphics engraved on them. Some have a silver or copper boulder around a gemstone. The stones are naturally occurring stones like pearls, emeralds, obsidians, carnelian, etc. Some are a combination of both gold and silver, designed into symbols representing something special, like the Atlantis ring.

Egyptian Bracelet

One jewelry that stands out is the Egyptian bracelet. Thousands of years ago, Egyptians used seashells, animal skin, and bone. Eventually, Egyptians discovered gold and began designing bracelets using this element. They add gemstone-like emeralds, diamonds, and other naturally occurring precious stones.

Egyptian Necklaces

Ancient Egyptians used necklaces with great emphasis on the lavish jewels they had. The designs were more like collars to wear on every dress. Some designs symbolized the afterlife and their religious beliefs. In Pakistan, the designs are different and comprise mostly of abstract designs or floral patterns. The earrings and collar or necklaces match.


Armbands have a special place in Egyptian culture. They had a religious value and spiritual purpose to give the wearer power and protection from evil. Today these armbands are used in Pakistan as a piece of fashion jewelry to wear as a bride or at wedding parties.


Egyptian earrings are both pendant type and tops. Usually, they are large designs that are difficult to miss. If they have gemstones, they are carved into amazing eye-catching designs. The most common material used to make these earrings is gold, silver, copper, metal, and sometimes plastics.

In 2020, Pakistani women will see these latest trends. As it is now, the demand for Egyptian style jewelry is on the rise on online jewelry stores like HHDcollection. These fashion accessories are not only amazing to see, but they are also quite affordable and offer value for money. You should add them to your collection this year.

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