Taking the smartphone market by storm – Infinix 5 mins charge challenge!

Infinix, Infinix, Pakistan’s highest selling smartphone brand has set up the 5 minutes charge challenge at Hafeez center so that everyone can witness the power of 120 W Hyper Charge. Participants will be able to witness the power of 120W hyper charge that comes with new Infinix NOTE 12 VIP. They can also take part in interesting challenges & lucky- draws through which they can win Infinix NOTE 12 VIP and other exciting gifts. The exhibition of this new era of technology will take place from 27th-30th June at Hafeez Centre, Lahore.

Amid offering the fastest charge, Infinix has still announced the 5-minute charge challenge
against Infinix NOTE 12 VIP’s 120W hyper charge. People will be able to witness the capability
of Infinix technology, by comparing the charging speed of their personal mobiles with the NOTE
12 VIP in a 5-minutes span only. And by doing so, they can simply get a chance to win Infinix
In no time, Infinix has emerged as the new trendsetter of style, technology, and engaging
activities in Pakistan. The challenge has already astonished the people, also buzzing the mobile
market. Buyers, sellers, users, and fans are eager to witness the claim of Infinix NOTE 12 VIP
charging from 0 to 100% in 17 minutes.

Other than the 120W hyper charge, Infinix NOTE 12 VIP has a top-notch processor of MediaTek
Helio G96 combined with an extended RAM of up to 13 GB, does not make it any less surprise
that NOTE 12 VIP is synonymous with efficiency.
In order to witness the power of 120 W hyper charge along with other exciting takeaways, all
the tech enthusiast must visit the Infinix experience popup between 27 th – 30 th June at Hafeez
Center, Lahore!

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