Inauguration Ceremony of Shangrila City Site Office

By Team BitBol,

Aimal Developers CEO Mr. Afzal Hameed fulfilled his promise to his clients and laid the foundation stone of the mosque and park along with the inauguration ceremony of the site office. Afzal Hameed said that we are planning on the emerging Karachi style where every basic amenities, attention to the people, and new lifestyle items for the betterment of the environment are also part of our scheme.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kashan Siddiqui, CEO, Al-Meeraj Marketing, said that this evening is in the name of every hard-working dealer and sub-dealer. He further said that due to unemployment in Karachi people are forced to commit suicide. Encouraging unemployed people, he opened the doors of Al-Miraj Marketing to all those who are worried about unemployment.

Addressing all the big companies, Kashan Siddiqui said that they should provide employment to others so that none of our brothers would lose life tomorrow. He concluded the event by thanked each and every guest and distributed shields among dealers, sub-dealers and sales team towards the end of the event.

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