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With everyone forcibly staying at home during Covid-19 pandemic, gaming industry has flourished and grown a lot more. You can imagine by Gaming console manufacturers like Microsoft releasing their new model during this period. Gaming trends are evolving in a matter of months rather than years. We have already seen mobile device gaming going up, In last year or so we also saw AR and VR devices and games frenzy shooting up. A lot is happening in new technologies and trends of gaming industry. However, there is one area that is evergreen and steadily grows over time, that is, PC based gaming. It has its own fan base and hundreds of people even play PC games professionally. There are arenas setup where gaming tournaments are arranged…and then lot of Millennials play PC games online from the comfort of their bedrooms. These gamers make their own powerful gaming computers too. While a lot of money is spent on the gaming computer, its peripheral devices also are specialized. Most peripheral hardware companies are now making gaming mice and keyboards. Powerful, flexible, programmable mouse and keyboards. That is some serious work happening on advancing every little area of gaming hardware.

Let us focus our attention to one area for this blog, that is, gaming mouse. Why are we focusing on an area that seems so tiny? Well, PC gaming trend has consistently soared up over last couple of decades, if not more. Gaming hardware companies are meeting the demand, saturating the market. When a newbie in the field or even experienced gamer go looking for a mouse that suits his / her requirements they may not always know what good mice are out there. There are plenty of companies competing to produce the fastest, easy to maneuver and flexible / programmable mice for us gamers.

Few of the companies working in this niche are ASUS, Corsair, BenQ, SteelSeries, Drevo, Logitech, Razer and more. While there are tens of top quality mice out there, let us list a few here to make your life easier when you are planning to order one online.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed: This one may not be easy on your pocket but you will feel that you made the right investment when it is helping you out while you are killing it in your next gaming competition. Some of the top features it has are Hero 32-bit ARM processor, 25K sensor, more than 40G acceleration, onboard memory and more.

Razer Deathadder V2: One of the finest that Razer has produced till date, this has classic mouse ergonomic design that we are all used to for decades now, yet it adds the cool features like 8 programmable buttons, Focus+20K DPI sensor, 100% PTFE mouse feet and many more.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro: This cool looking mouse uses a lightning fast 1ms 1.4GHz wireless connection, it has a brilliant PAW3392 sensor, 1.8m braided fiber cable, 9 zone RGB backlighting and more cool features.

SteelSeries RIVAL 650 Wireless: Qualcomm Wireless speed of 1000Hz (1ms) ensures lag free gaming, something that is the basic first priority of gamers…no lag.

ASUS ROG Spatha: ASUS is not generally into manufacturing mice business, but to complete their Republic of Gamers (ROG) gaming hardware product line, they released a mouse too and a pretty cool one. This beautiful mouse is specially manufactured using magnesium alloy and it comes with 12 programmable buttons along with 8200 DPI.

All these gaming products are available online at Qmart store.

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