The 64MP quad camera is here, Huawei’s new HUAWEI Y9a features the Y Series’ best camera yet

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Huawei recently launched an all new HUAWEI Y9a smartphone for the mid-range market and it comes with a range of
unamicable new features. The HUAWEI Y9a design has clearly adopted its sleek design from Huawei’s Mate 30 Series, as
the rear camera on the back cover sports a Halo Ring design which makes it instantly recognizable. With a large
4200mAh (typical value) battery capacity alongside 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge technology, you are guaranteed a long-
lasting battery life and a quick and easy charging experience so you’re free to take photos and enjoy video
entertainment all day long.

HUAWEI Y9a’s quad camera configuration is surprisingly comprehensive. Adaptable to any number of high resolution,
ultra-wide angle, macro, portrait mode, and night-time scenarios, HUAWEI Y9a has you covered whenever and wherever
you want to bring out your camera. Picture this: you want to take a selfie but the lighting is just not right? Whether it’s a
city nightscape, your delicate macaroon dessert, or simply a big group photo with your friends, capturing every kind of
subject is made possible with HUAWEI Y9a. HUAWEI Y9a’s powerful photography capabilities and AI algorithms help you
take beautiful photos that are ready to share in no time.
HUAWEI Y9a is equipped with a 64MP super high resolution main camera which currently boasts the highest pixel count
in the entire HUAWEI Y series line up. It can achieve a photo resolution of a whopping 9248 x 6936, nearly double that of
an 8K TV (7680 x 4320). One of the great things about having a high pixel count is that the picture can be continuously
enlarged and details still come out in crisp definition, giving you the maximum freedom to edit, enhance and more. In
fact, the camera can directly produce poster-quality images, which requires activating HUAWEI Y9a’s HIGH-RES mode in
the camera menu.
HUAWEI Y9a is also great at getting those dynamic shots. We often like to capture moments of our pets bounding
around, street scenes with our friends, even just a fleeting moment from a car window, or flowers and windmills in the
breeze. But it’s easy for the photo to end up blurry and ruin your shot. HUAWEI Y9a uses AI algorithms to intelligently
predict the subject and state of the shot to automatically adjust shutter priority or delay to improve how the photo is
captured. This feature results in a clear, defined images and definitely gives HUAWEI Y9a the upper hand compared to
rival smartphones. within the same price point.


Ultra-wide angle and macro lenses gives you room to experiment
In addition to the 64MP main camera, HUAWEI Y9a features an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle lens, 2MP Macro lens and 2MP
Depth lens, allowing you to experiment more with your photography in different surroundings.

HUAWEI Y9a’s Ultra-Wide Angle lens reaches a field span of 120 degrees
and also supports wide angle video recording too. The broad field of
vision produces a more impactful photo effect. At the same time, its AI
algorithms correct the distortion that normally crops up on the edges of
wide angle photos – another great perk of the HUAWEI Y9a. Perfect for
urban landscapes, natural scenery and large gatherings, HUAWEI Y9a even
comes in handy for vertical photos to elongate your figure.

Sidratul Noor captures Islamabad’s rush hour

Hashim Khan’s day out in the mountains

If you want to capture and share up-close, detailed subjects such as plants and flowers, small packaging text on grocery
items or even your collection of toys, ornaments or figurines – HUAWEI Y9a does the job perfectly with its Macro lens.
With a focusing distance of 4cm, your phone can be positioned right up as close as possible to the subject, allowing you
to take all kinds of close-up photos with ease. Don’t forget to try out the Depth lens either. With an f1/8 aperture,
HUAWEI Y9a can produce photos with a background blurring effect, ideal for portraiture. If you want to change up your
profile picture, try getting your headshot with HUAWEI Y9a!

High sensitivity night shots for great selfies too
Without sufficient light, smartphones can end up taking photos
that are almost pitch black. Huawei’s accumulated expertise in night
photography can be seen on the HUAWEI Y9a. The main camera uses a
1/1.7-inch sensor (f/1.8 aperture) which ensures enough light intake to
shoot in low light conditions or even at night. AI algorithms are then
used to reduce noise captured from multiple frames and enhance the brightness and clarity of the image. HUAWEI Y9a
also supports a high sensitivity of up to ISO 51200. With the Night Scene Mode enabled, HUAWEI Y9a can deliver even in
such darkness where your eyes can’t see your hands. For this reason, HUAWEI Y9a really stands out from its similarly
priced competition in terms of night-time photography.

Game Day by Hashim Khan


The younger crowd who enjoy a vibrant night life love to capture fun
moments with selfies. But sometimes dimmer settings or
multiple light sources like streetlights can impact the clarity of photos.
HUAWEI Y9a’s front camera supports AI Beauty and Circular Flash features
to illuminate your selfies without you having to adjust all those camera
settings, making sharing your selfies on social media easier than ever

Even with so many features, are you still unconvinced? Well, the new HUAWEI Y9a is also equipped with a 6.63-inch high
resolution screen, using an improved pop-up lens to achieve a completely uninterrupted display experience. It also has a
long-lasting battery life and 40W HUAWEI Supercharge so that the fun of gaming, TikTok, and catching up on your
favourite TV dramas is never interrupted. This stellar device retails for PKR 43,999/- in three amazing colours – Midnight
Black, Sakura Pink and Space Silver.

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