OPPO launches Enco W51 headphones loaded with exciting features like active noise cancellation and wireless charging

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Hoping to connect users lives in a smarter way, OPPO launches a new entrant as part of its
IoT strategy – OPPO Enco W51. OPPO Enco W51 are not just True Wireless headphones but
are OPPO’s first active noise-cancelling truly wireless stereo (TWS) headphones. These smart
headphones are targeted specifically at the daily commuter market and are also equipped
to perform ideally in any travel situation or windy environment. The headphones are
available for PKR 17,999 and can be booked online
on https://www.oppo.com/pk/bookonline/
Let’s see what all the buzz is about.
Dual Technology for Both Crystal-Clear Music and Calls
The OPPO Enco W51 headphone is another benchmark set that provides noise reduction for
both calls and music. The true wireless experience is achieved by coordinating 6
microphones with a deep noise reduction algorithm. These are intelligently optimized to
detect and reduce everyday noises allowing you to get an undisturbed listening experience. 
Unique Wireless Charging Experience 
With Qi wireless charging, users can charge the earphone box wirelessly by simply placing it
on the charging mat allowing the music to flow easily and conveniently. OPPO’s fast
charging is not exempted in these amazing headphone as it allows to listen 4 hours every
day by charging once a week only. A 15-minute charge allows 9 hours of listening time while
a full charge lasts 24 hours allowing you to bid farewell to low battery anxiety. 
Bluetooth 5.0 Provides a Fast, Stable, and Smooth Experience
The OPPO Enco W51 headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a faster and
stable audio transmission. The headphones provide a stable connection up to 10 meters
away for a smooth music experience and call even if your phone is not nearby. So, you don’t
have to worry about staying close to your smartphone every time. 
Innovative Design That Reflects Night and Day
Trendy and light-weight design is at the heart of OPPO. The OPPO Enco W51 comes in floral
white with vivid texture showing cyclical light and shadow shifts to provide an ultimate
stunning look. The combination of being tailor-made to fit in your ear with soft silicone tips
lets you experience wearing air. You need to focus, only on the music.
IP54 Rated Dust and Water Resistance
Designed with perfection, the OPPO Enco W51 is certified for IP54 dust and water
resistance. So, whether you are using it in the gym or outdoors, listen with peace of mind
that you and your headphones are safe.

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