ACCA to train teachers for the ‘New Normal’

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ACCA is organising a free of cost teacher training workshop to support country’s educators to
be better prepared to teach more effectively in a post-pandemic ‘New Normal’ as they return to
in-person teaching in a highly transformed world.
Themed ‘Getting ready to teach in the ‘New Normal’ – Mastering the post-pandemic
pedagogy’, the workshop will include exclusive insights into how teachers can prepare
themselves for a blended future of education, learn new skills and tools to enhance learning
experience of the students, devise comprehensive assessment techniques, and disseminate
learning and advice that prepares students for the future workplace.
In a statement, ACCA’s Marketing Communications Manager, Rashid Khan said,
“The pandemic is a wake-up call of monumental proportions to educators around the world, who
must radically rethink a strategy of constantly evolving according to the needs and ever-
changing behaviours of learners and keep imagining the ‘next normal’.”
“As part of ACCA’s commitment to promoting future-thinking and supporting our partners with
shaping a sustainable, inclusive future for all, we continue to hold capacity building sessions to
help organisations with their future-readiness and resilience against the uncertainties of future.”
Featuring contributions from internationally renowned trainers joining from the United Kingdom,
the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan, the workshop is particularly designed for individuals
involved in the profession of teaching, curriculum design, and career counselling.
Paul Kirkwood, Sarah Corcoran, Fazeela Gopalani, Sajjeed Aslam, Hammad Azim and
Mehwish Kareem are among the learned trainers. The training will be delivered online on 29
September between 2PM and 06:30PM.
The training is open for all educators in Pakistan and registrations are currently open:

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