TPL Life Partners with THB Global to introduce Tele-Health Services

By Team BitBol,

TPL Life, a leading Insurtech Provider in Pakistan, has partnered with The Health Bank (THB), a
Global Health Management Company headquartered in Singapore, offering excellence in healthcare
services using technology and innovation. THB provides Virtual Hospital (Home Care and After Care),
Telehealth, Wellness and Lifestyle Programs and Chronic Care Management. THB has tailored a
complete Health Management Membership solution to introduce an exclusive Virtual Health Platform to
its Members, in collaboration with TPL.
Through the strategic partnership, the two companies have introduced ‘Global Care’ in Pakistan, a
premium one-stop solution for Health Management and Wellness Services which customers can access
easily from anywhere in the world. These services include, 24/7 access to a doctor on call, management
of appointments, referrals to physicians and a dedicated Health Manager to assist them through their
journey towards wellbeing.
The strategic move is in line with TPL Life’s vision of providing convenient Life and Health Insurance
solutions to every customer segment in Pakistan and simplify the process of acquiring and using Life &
Health insurance services.
Speaking at the occasion of the initiative’s launch, Faisal Abbasi, CEO, TPL Life said, “Our collaboration
with The Health Bank is in tandem with our continuous endeavors to offer value added and easy to use
services to our customers. We focus on customer mobility and remote access to exceptional healthcare
solutions. In a world that is increasingly more digital, tele-health services have become more essential
than ever. Being a true Insurtech Company, TPL Life strives to be at the forefront of innovation and tech
to meet these demands.”

Revolutionizing the insurance industry, TPL Life is committed to delivering seamless and innovative
Health and Life Insurance solutions with continuous investments in cutting-edge technology and market
Salman Arif, CEO, The Health Bank said, “The collaboration between THB and TPL will ensure clients
peace of mind and timely access to quality care – Especially during the pandemic, it saves unnecessary
hospital visits, and exposure to the virus and risk. Through our digital platform and technologies we are
able to manage, monitor and coordinate, care for our members remotely, leading to better health
The Health Bank takes pride in its unparalleled healthcare services and a Global Nexus with over 25,000
world-renowned physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers.

Picture Caption:
Picture 1: Faisal Abbasi (CEO-TPL Life), Zarmina Jafar (Head of Strategy – THB Global), Humayoon Asghar
(Head of Strategy – TPL Life), Syed Salman Arif (CEO – THB Global)
Picture 2: Faisal Abbasi (CEO-TPL Life), Humayoon Asghar (Head of Strategy – TPL Life), Aamina Jahangir
(Operations Manager- THB Global)

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