Webinar explores digital solutions for better traffic management

By Team BitBol,  

 The National Highway & Motorway Police (NHMP) has organized a
webinar today titled ‘Digitalizing Pakistan’s Motorways’ featuring Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim to highlight how
digital solutions can help tackle daily challenges including traffic congestion, road safety, longer commuting
and concerns about the environment.
With a growing population and rising traffic flow, Pakistan’s road network is under strain, which warrants
urgent technological intervention for improvement. During the webinar case studies were also discussed from
different parts of the world where the deployment of intelligent solutions for traffic management
ensured better productivity of traditional infrastructure, more efficient traffic flow management, reduced
travel times, shorter wait times at intersections and curbed vehicle emissions.
According to Aamir Ibrahim, CEO, Jazz, “Traffic congestion can have a negative impact on economic growth
and the quality of people’s lives. Even if we strengthen our road infrastructure, the ever-increasing level of
traffic will surpass the capacity of our road network in busy city areas. The deployment of new
communications technology backed by artificial intelligence (AI) may help to ease clogged roads. We at Jazz
have been using technology and digital tools to address social and civic issues in Pakistan and are
well positioned to work in collaboration with NHMP aimed at preparing traffic infrastructure tackle current
and future challenges.”
Sharing his views, Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, IG, NHMP said, “We are grateful to Aamir Ibrahim for an
insightful session that allowed us to explore new technologies to further improve traffic management. We
look forward to more collaboration opportunities aimed at identifying ways of improving the experience for
everyone on the road.”
This interactive webinar allowed NHMP officials to gain valuable insights on the ways technology companies,
especially digital service providers like Jazz, can assist them in road traffic management and safety. Jazz is
already facilitating certain government processes including e-challan and digital payment system allowing the
Islamabad Traffic Police to issue paperless challans which can be paid instantly via JazzCash. Application of
digital payments, big data & analytics, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for traffic
management was also discussed in length along with exploring avenues for deployment of ITMS.

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