realme looks back on two years of phenomenal growth with users and employees at second- anniversary celebration

By Team BitBol,

realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, recently
shared the drivers behind its explosive growth and international success in an open letter written by Sky
Li, realme’s Founder and CEO to employees during the company’s second-anniversary celebrations, “the
realme 828 FanFest”. Held on August 28, the two-year-old company launched a social media campaign
to highlight the milestones achieved thus far.
Before the celebrations, realme collected thousands of stories from loyal fans with the headline: “Dare
to be_____.” Many fans responded with anecdotes on how they resonated with the brand values and
dared to surpass themselves while facing adversity and challenges. realme has selected nine stories and
made them into videos to show the “Dare to be realme” spirit of realme fans.
With an eye on the international market from the outset, realme’s international marketing division has
grown to more than 61 markets. realme credits its fast growth to the hyper-localization and a deep
understanding of their target consumer. They also employed various internationalization strategies that
brought success, included light-asset, and short channel to face the consumers directly.
As a new entrant to many global markets, realme had to build up a reputation quickly and convert
customers. Li said: “We built our teams locally from the ground up. We allowed them to use the
resources they had to send our message of ‘Dare to Leap’ to the youths and young professionals. We
realized this was a desire that transcended cultures and was familiar to young people everywhere.”
realme’s marketing strategies involve hiring local teams to support collaboration with their fans and
consumers to make content that is relevant and resonant with their audience.
realme has placed itself at an exciting niche in the market, target young consumers who enjoy high-
quality and trendsetting designs but are also sensitive to prices. Li said: “realme grew extremely fast
because we were true to our mission: to create products with leapfrog performance and trendsetting
design, and to build a smart life for young people with Internet of things. Being consistent and original
showcased our brand values, which gained us trust, which is especially important for a young company
like us.”
For the young users of realme, success to them is not merely about price but also about value. Keeping
in line with its target audience, realme is the popularizer of 5G technology, being one of the first
smartphones to incorporate 5G capability into its products, such as the realme X50 Pro 5G.
For their next challenge, realme plans to take on the AIoT market and introduce over 100 AIoT products
in 2021 for its consumers. “We have proved in two years that a new brand can also have opportunities,
but this is just the beginning. There are infinite possibilities in the future. The dare-to-leap spirit will
accompany us to continue to move forward”, said Li in the open letter.

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