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A new era is dawning in PUBG MOBILE, and players around
the globe are invited to witness expansive improvements beginning today for the world’s popular
mobile game. Beginning with changes and additions to the classic gameplay and spanning to
user experience improvements and enhanced visuals throughout the battlefield, the PUBG
MOBILE 1.0 UPDATE is available today for free on the App Store and Google Play.
The massive list of updates includes a new Erangel, new improvements for Livik, including the
new firearm M1014, Cheer Park updates, graphics and user experience improvements, security
enhancements and an upcoming mysterious surprise set to be revealed soon. Similarly, PUBG
MOBILE is now available at 90 frames per second on all compatible devices.
New Erangel
Through the comprehensive upgrade of Erangel, the overall landscape, terrain, building
changes and design of various details of the map have been optimized. For example, the most
iconic resource-points, such as military bases and Mansion have been renewed, and all new
elements of trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks and bunkers have also been added
to the map, improving the combat experience on Erangel and providing richer rural tactical
Livik Improvements
In addition to the New Erangel map, the beloved small-scale high intensity of PUBG MOBILE’s
newest battlefield Livik also receives an update. The M1014 is an all-new semi-automatic
shotgun that only appears in Livik on the Classic Battle Royale Map and Arena, along with other
shotguns. With up to 7 rounds that can be manually reloaded at a time, it’s outstanding for
close quarters combat. The M1014 supports shotgun muzzle and ammo belt attachments, and
is the most effective of the current shotguns. Livik today also receives miscellaneous visual
effects improvements, balance adjustments and bug fixes.
Cheer Park
For improved training, each player now has access to their own private training ground to
improve their target-shooting, throwing and more. Players can now join up with others in Cheer
Park to enjoy combat or watch duels in the newly completed building to the left of the target
range. A romantic heart-shaped island has been added to the lake and the Hot Air Balloon has

been relocated near the island. The island will be decorated with all sorts of romantic fixtures
such as a two-seater swing and a romantic boat.
Updated Game Lobby
In order to improve player control and prioritize displaying features that players need most, the
game lobby has been updated. A new Home Lobby features the most common functions, such
as squad-forming and monetization. Invites and Friends have been combined, with new notes
for friends. The Social Lobby is an upgrade from Personal Space, showing the players social
connections and showing off stats, titles, achievements, firearms and vehicles. The
Monetization lobby features currently promoted resources for the player to browse and buy.
Additional Enhancements
 Weaponry and Gear – Classic weapons including the Tommy Gun, UMP45 and DBS
receive balances, including damage rates, attachments, bullet speed and loot spawn
 Combat and Operations – Standing and crouching has been optimized, as well as jump
following and Monster Truck control. Similarly, Med Kits can now be used while moving, and
the Gyroscope is now throwable
 Arena Mode – Firing now removes invincibility, and sliding actions have been improved so
players can change direction of motion depending on their trajectory when they begin the
 Security Improvement – Improved and expanded the scope of spectators’ enemy visibility
detection. Improved the impact of security monitoring on performance, and reduced power
consumption and lag caused by security monitoring.
In addition to the massive gameplay updates, mysterious surprise will be coming soon in the
new 1.0 version. PUBG MOBILE players can tune in the game to witness the new era coming
when the 1.0 version release in Sept 8.
PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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