ZEE5 Global releases the Original Soundtrack of Churails

By Team BitBol,

ZEE5 Global, the largest OTT platform for South Asian content
globally, just dropped the original soundtrack of Churails, the first Zindagi original’Churails’ has been
the talk of the town since its launch on 11 th August and has been receiving rave reviews across the
world The web series is now streaming on the OTT app, ZEE5 and on www.zee5.com
The track, available on ZEE5 at https://www.zee5.com/zee5originals/details/churails/0-6-
2922/churails-title-track/0-1-389036, is composed by Taha Malik who has won accolades for his
music in films like Baaji, Laal Kabootar and many more. 
“I’m really excited about Churails’ title song. I had a great time composing and producing it—shouts
out to Zoe and Osman! I had to push the envelope and take some risks with the OST because Asim
Abbasi certainly didn’t hold back with the series. Also, the series features a lot of good, indie music
from the local Pakistani scene. Really happy about that. I hope we get to collaborate more across the
border with Indian artists and that the audience like what we’ve created. I’ve only been hearing good
things so far, so that’s great! Wish ZEE5 and their team the best.” says Taha Malik. 
Churails Director AsimAbbasi says, “Taha is a master at his art. We all are witness to the great scores
he has given so far. I wanted someone who has the sensibilities to understand the flavour and depth
of the show! Having him on Churails was a guarantee that something great will come out and the
result is here for all of us to see.”
Everyone who has watched Churails has been in awe of the track which not only sets the tone of the
show but also hits the right chords! The lyrics penned by Osman Khalid Butt are hard hitting and
catchy and will strike a connect with the audiences for sure.Sung by Zoe Viccaji, the track is nothing
less than magic.
The ZEE5 App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. ZEE5 is also available
on www.ZEE5.com.  The app is also available on Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV and
Amazon Fire TV.

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