Honest, Real, and Heartfelt – Churails hits the nail right on the head!

By Team BitBol,

If I tell you that four Pakistani women run a secret detective agency in the country where they
expose men who cheat and lie to their wives, you will laugh at my face. But I mean if you stop
and think about it, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Well, that’s the basic premise of the recently
released Zindagi original web series Churails. The show, which premiered on the Indian
streaming service Zee5, has been written and directed by Asim Abbasi. 
The story revolves around four characters. There’s Sara, played by Sarwat Gilani, who has what
you would call a ‘perfect’ life with a husband that loves her, kids, big house and domestic staff,
and the kind of riches that most people in the country can only dream of. But despite all that, she
wants more because all of that doesn’t really bring her any contentment. Then there’s Batool,
played by an effortless Nimra Bucha, who has just served 20 years in prison for committing a
murder. She’s trying to find her footing in the world while doing something with her newfound
freedom. The third member of the group is Zubaida, portrayed by Mehar Bano, who is a young
boxer who wants to love and be loved. Last but not least, there’s Jugnu played by Yasra Rizvi, a
brash, alcoholic wedding planner with a ‘devil may care’ attitude.
Churails is what many refer to as the quintessential female-driven story where they find liberty
and freedom by drinking, abusing, and mistreating ‘poor’ men. But it’s more than that. It’s about
how the anger that stems from the misogyny and senseless rules of patriarchy that’s deep-rooted
in our society. It’s about women taking control of their lives because men have destroyed it and
then choose to play the victims instead.
The 10 part series is honest, real, heartfelt, and sincerely personal. It has ample dark humor,
moments of genuine discomfort and uneasiness, and a ton of ‘oh-my-god’ moments. The
dialogue is crisp, the cinematography is gritty and lavish at the same time, and the performances

are nothing short of outstanding. Every episode in the series is better than the last one and keeps
you hooked and invested in the lives of our Churails till the very end.
To say this is Asim Abbasi’s best work yet would be putting him in a box and limiting the kind
of cinematic prowess and storytelling abilities that he possesses. He has made an earnest show
about women and how they are expected to be the good girls despite all of their hardships.
Churails is a landmark achievement in filmmaking and storytelling that shouldn’t be missed.

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