Telenor Pakistan Collaborates with NUST Business School on Design Thinking Skills Training

By Team BitBol, 

In line with its ambition to support e-education, upskill the youth and create opportunities
for them, Telenor Pakistan has collaborated with NUST Business School to train students on
design thinking skills. 1,000 aspiring students will take part in webinar style trainings under
Telenor Pakistan’s flagship design thinking programme ACTIVATE.
ACTIVATE is a design-driven innovation process whereby critical business problems can be
solved by bringing together business strategy, innovation, behavioural science and design
This design thinking programme will be free of cost and customised for the students of
NUST Business School, to upskill them on designing products that drive value while
fostering innovation in business. Being a creative and innovation focused process, it can be
used in multiple levels of education.
This virtual workshop will be a learning experience for the students focused on instilling an
innovator’s mindset. The students will learn about the design thinking process and how this
methodology can be used to find solutions to critical business questions. The training will
equip and develop students with the relevant and transformative skillset required for the
digital future.
“Young minds across the world are finding solutions to everyday challenges through
technology, bringing convenience to life along with simplicity and efficiency to business
processes.”, said Sardar Abubakr, Chief Digital & Strategy Officer at Telenor Pakistan. “We
at Telenor Pakistan have always been a strong proponent of empowering youth with the
latest skills. Being cognizant of their challenges, we have designed this programme to
equip them with essential and creative skills to deal creatively with challenges, evaluate
different strategies and opportunities, and propel their careers further.”
The increasing complexity of technology and modern business demands creative problem-
solvers with aptitudes for compassion, nonlinear imagination, and risk-taking. As business
schools continue to advance their teaching methods, Telenor Pakistan wants to embed
design-based thinking skills that are becoming an important tool to prepare tomorrow’s
business leaders.

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