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Techstirr, a leading global tech giant has just started its operations in
Pakistan. With the estimated increase of 24% – 142% in this year’s online sales in the Pakistani market,
the company leaders saw the immense potential in the country’s IT sector. The mission of Techstirr is to
revolutionize the industrial sector of the country with its advanced strategic technological solutions and
information technology portfolio. The company mainly focuses on the following areas: SaaS-based
Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Mobile App Development, Big Data, Cyber
Security, Technical Consultancy, and other comprehensive data-driven solutions.
The Federal Ministers for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque and Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui
formally welcomed The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Techstirr (Pvt). Ltd, Abdur Rehman Chinoy in a
meeting on Friday, 7th of August 2020. The future of Digital Pakistan, along with the role of Techstirr’s
mission to enrich Pakistan’s IT sector were discussed. The beginning of Techstirr’s operations in Pakistan
is bound to create sizable opportunities in various industrial sectors that have yet to adapt to the
technological practices of todays world. The organization intends to create over 5,000+ jobs in the IT
sector in the medium term and plans to drive forward the initiative of a digital Pakistan.
According to the CEO Abdur Rehman Chinoy, “At Techstirr, we are looking at being the pioneers of
digitalizing every business in Pakistan.”

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