Sidra Iqbal appointed as the Ambassador of the Indus Hospital Youth Volunteer Program ‘I-Hope’

By Team BitBol,

Prominent journalist and TV personality, Sidra Iqbal unlocks yet another
massive feat as she has been appointed as the Ambassador of ‘I-Hope’: The Indus Hospital Youth
Volunteer Program.
The launch ceremony of the I-Hope program is all set to be held on August 12, International Youth Day
as a digital event.
“I am delighted to represent Indus Hospital as an Ambassador for their youth initiative. It aligns
brilliantly with theme of IYD 2020. I am excited to invite young Pakistanis, both residing here and
overseas, to volunteer and be involved. This will make us more inclusive and strengthen our capacity to
achieve real impact as an organization and as a society”, said Sidra Iqbal at the launch of I-Hope.
The program “Believe in the Power of the Youth” will be a live session, streamed on Indus Hospital’s
official YouTube and Facebook platform. The aim of the initiative remains to influence Pakistan’s young
generation to support those in need in these testing times and together create a change for the most
vulnerable and under-served.
As the Ambassador of I-Hope, Sidra will be uniting with her co-ambassador Fawad Khan to inspire and
motivate the youth to support for the philanthropic project.
Surely, Iqbal’s leadership, personality, and guidance will compel the young minds to contribute their
insight and efforts in revolutionizing the health landscape.
After all, over the years, she has been a beacon of light and a poignant icon for the youngsters. Those
who follow her will know that she has even been a youth ambassador for international forums and
realize the factors that drive them to bring eminent transformations to the needful sectors of the
She leaves no stone unturned for making Pakistan a stronger, better country while spreading positivity
and making us proud with her achievements all over the world.

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