How Digital Marketing Can help Companies Survive Corona Pandemic Effects

By Team BitBol,

The pandemic of COVID-19 has rendered most companies helpless. Everyone needs help to leverage
their niche market to compensate for the losses incurred during these tough times. Therefore, hiring a
digital marketing company can help survive the corona pandemic. Hiring a company is a better option
rather than overburdening your inhouse team because of the following reasons:
Marketing Even Without Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing has always been about a more hands-on approach. People advertise in
newspapers, print and share pamphlets, use of magazines, using television news and other advertising
channels, etc. However, with everyone locked in their homes, offices closed, and no one willing to
expose themselves to physical interactions, traditional marketing is no longer going to work in the
coming days.
Professional digital marketing companies like SI Global can offer you following benefits during the
corona pandemic:
 Paid Searches
With paid searches, businesses can attract customers online, via search engines like Google, Bing,
Hotmail, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. People staying home and working from home need access to your
business or services. Life must go on. Making your business easy to find using paid searches, which is an
important part of digital marketing is the key to success in this difficult time.
 SEO and Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been a strategy used by most companies. Recently, more
companies are focusing on this because it proves to be an effective way of attracting more traffic and
leads to the website. Content is very important because it helps share valuable information about your
business. Usually, digital marketing service providers offer this as part of their SEO services.
 Social Media and Brand Awareness
Nowadays, everyone relies on social media, which allows people to brand themselves. Creating regular
and informative posts on social media helps create brand awareness. People can make up their minds to
hire your business for their needs through your social media presence.
 Webinars and Podcasts
Digital marketing is the best way to share information and engage the website’s traffic. Through
webinars and podcasts, people learn about your business and services easily. They understand things
better. Besides, not everyone is too keen to read. Most people are too busy and, on the go, and prefer
to listen to or watch informative content.
 Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far, one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It allows you to connect
with potential customers at a more intimate and personal level and make them understand your
business better. It allows you to put your business in front of the target audience and has a higher
conversion rate as compared to other digital marketing strategies.
2020 will be a historic year, as a year that changed the world. Most businesses worldwide will change
their approach from the traditional marketing approach to digital marketing. Most new and effective
marketing tools will emerge in the market online. People will have to transition their marketing
strategies to make them better for the future. SI Global is here to help you with your digital marketing

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