Jazz and Omnicomm bring globally acclaimed fuel management solution to Pakistan

By Team BitBol, 

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital service provider, has partnered with
Omnicomm, a global telemetry and fleet management solutions provider, to introduce ‘Jazz Biz
Fuelmatic’, an Internet of Things (IoT) based fuel management solution allowing businesses to
minimize their environmental impact by achieving energy efficiency.
This collaboration is an initiative of Jazz Business, which has the largest and most comprehensive
portfolio of B2B ICT services and is currently serving 95 of the top 100 PSX listed companies. In
collaboration with Omnicom’s local partner Xtreme Tracking Solutions, Jazz Business will provide
this integrated solution for managing the fuel consumption of diesel generator set (genset), as well as
monitoring of various fuel storage units including bowsers and underground tanks.
This fuel management system connects to the genset or fuel storage to monitor almost any parameter
with data from fuel-level sensors and other external sensors and transmits this data in real time to a
cloud-based online, self-service platform. The self-service platform empowers administrators and
logistic units with the option to start and stop equipment remotely, and provides geographic
information system mapping, geofencing, remote monitoring and diagnostic alerts as well.
According to Syed Ali Naseer, Chief Business Officer, Jazz said, “We realize that power generation is
a high-end operating cost for most businesses, and with our partnership with Omnicomm, the aim is to
empower businesses to better monitor and analyze fuel efficiencies in their fleet or machinery to
better control costs.”
The introduction of this solution is in line with the vision of Jazz Business to revolutionize Pakistan’s
enterprise landscape by helping businesses achieve cost and operational excellence through easy
adoption of IoT and digitalization of work processes.

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