Pakistani IT Experts Explore Potential Of 5G Network in SEMENA Leadership Summit

By Team BitBol,

Telecommunications leaders and experts from Pakistan and across
the world recently virtually attended the SAMENA Telecommunication Council Leaders’ Summit
to review plans for unleashing the potential of 5G networks to boost economies and societies in
a post COVID-19 environment. The Summit was hosted by Huawei for the seventh consecutive
Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Federal Secretary of IT and Telecommunication; Maj. Gen. Amir
Azeem Bajwa, Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority; Tania Aidrus, Special
Assistant to the Prime Minister for Digital Pakistan, Mark Meng, CEO of Huawei Pakistan were
all in attendance for this year’s SAMENA Telecommunications Council Leaders’ Summit.
Mark Meng, CEO of Huawei Pakistan committed that “Huawei will support the
government’s Digital Pakistan initiative to move toward a diversified, knowledge-based
economy with the latest technologies like 5G, AI, and Internet Of Things and unlock new
venues of growth and innovation.” 
The theme of the Summit was “5G+X: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival,”
which shed light on how technology and ICT infrastructure play an increasingly important role in
our societies, and therefore our economies. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the
need to strengthen digital infrastructure to better prepare societies for future crises and to make
systems more resilient and sustainable, guaranteeing a better and more effective outcome.
Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Federal Secretary of IT and Telecommunication elaborated on
this by saying, “Crisis presents both danger, and opportunity. Let’s focus on all the opportunities
in the current pandemic and develop the ICT sector as the true key technology enabler for
digital harmony, connectivity and cooperation among all sectors of society.”
Mr. Bocar A. BA , CEO of SAMENA Telecommunications Council also shared his opinions and
stated that we are “increasingly witnessing progressiveness across Pakistan’s ICT policy and
regulatory landscape” and he deemed it “necessary for 5G preparations to be accelerated in the
country” in the hopes of achieving “digital inclusion” at all levels of society.
The Summit also explored how ICT stakeholders can work together with industry verticals to
turn their vision into reality at the local and regional level. Participants reviewed 5G ecosystem
cooperation in the Middle East and Pakistan, and how 5G paired with complementary
technologies such as cloud, AI and can create new industry applications. Better integration of AI
into the public health response was also spotlighted.
Maj. Gen. Amir Azeem Bajwa, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, said that “I
believe that readiness of our telecom infrastructure will be sufficient to support 5G networks and
services across the country.”

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