FutureFashionTex Installs World's Most Advanced 3D Printers for Pakistani Textile

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Future Fashion Tex is Pakistan’s leading textile industry for digital printing. The Pakistani textile
sector grew massively since the opening of this company, as it brings the newest and the most
advanced techniques. It recently introduced the world’s most high-end 3D printers that produce
some imaginary results. They enable designers to turn their thoughts into reality, and the
customers are in awe with the outcome. Let’s explore which machinery has been introduced and
how do they work.
Which 3D Printers Are Installed In Future Fashion Tex?
FutureFashionTex embraces advancement more than any other textile company Pakistan. It
keeps updating its machinery and works as per modern standards. The world’s best BOLT
printer by EFI Reggiani is an outstanding addition to the company. It is an Italy-based company
and produces some of the world-class 3D printers. This one is surely a masterpiece! Other than
that, MS JPK Evo and Atexco digital printing machines provide excellent support for strong and
massive production. There is exclusive superior machinery for greige fabric that makes excellent
finished products.
How Does BOLT 3D Printer Work?
This printer is going to replace manpower up to a great extent. It is the next generation single
textile 3D printer as it is at the cutting edge of technology. BOLT boosts uptime and enhances
reliability, gives a high performance throughout by maintaining uniformity and accuracy. It has
an unparalleled pace as it is the only digital printer that is capable of reaching 90m/min speed.
Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance, both initially and during production. Due to its high
productivity and high reliability, it shows a competitive ROI. All these features contribute to
high production and amazing results.
What Difference Do 3D Printers Make in Textile Industry?

3D printers enabled the textile industry to produce more individualized products. Both clothing
and shoes are now coming out in innovative and realistic ways, thereby opening new
opportunities and ideas for the textile industry. Up till now, the textile industry utilized two-
dimensional printing. However, 3D printers introduced an entirely new phenomenon, and
elements such as plug-in connections can be directly applied to textile surfaces via these
machines. As a result, the outcomes include functionalities from the beginning.
Apart from clothing and fashion, 3D printers do wonders in household clothing. They print
amazing bed sheets, curtains, cushions, table runners, and other items. Moreover, it is due to 3D
printers that Future Fashion can do custom-made designs. They are as per customers’ demands;
therefore, they love it a great deal. The versatility of the products is yet another reason why
Future Fashion has become a trademark in the textile world.
Also, the new types of materials used in 3D printing have revolutionized the textile industry. The
flexibility of plastic enables it to produce fully 3D printed clothes. As a result, the clothes can be
made in any shape and design programmed in it. In short, 3D printers have reinvented the textile
industry and have taken it to the next level.

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