Palmolive Naturals Introduces the New Palmolive Girl, SyraYousuf, in its TVC

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The dynamic actress and model Syra Yousuf has been roped in as the
new face of Pakistan’s well-known personal care brand – Palmolive Naturals. Featured in the new TVC
for the Brand, the actress unveiled its new liquid hand wash range that is both ‘Tough on Germs’ and
‘Soft on Hands’.
The TVC celebrates the indomitable spirit of being both toughat mind and soft at heart with the
Palmolive girl,Syra Yousuf. The campaignhighlightsthe importanceofstaying safe and healthy by washing
your handswithout compromising your skin, using the new Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash range that kills
germs while keeping your hands soft and moisturized.
Speaking about the launch of the new product, Aziz Jindani, CCO Colgate Palmolive, said, “As a
responsible brand, our role is to offer ‘help’and ‘hope’ to our consumers in difficult times like these. The
launch of the Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash range does exactly that, offering a quality hand hygiene
product to help protect health at large, and inspire hope that we can all be ‘tough and soft’ at the same
time, like Palmolive is –‘Tough on Germs and Soft on Hands’.”
Syra Yousuf, upon joining Palmolive Naturals as the new Palmolive Girl, said, “It goes without saying that
taking care of ourselves and those around us should be our first priority right now. With Palmolive
Naturals, it was easy to make the decision and be part of this venture because the Brand’s philosophy
resonates with my own – we have to be both tough and strong to be able to exist!”
The 360-degree campaign featuring Syra Yousuf has been launched nationwide, and can be seen on all
media platforms. The actress will now be the official brand ambassador for Palmolive Naturals soaps and
liquid handwashes.
Watch the TVC on this link:

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