TECNO #GiveMe5WithSpark5 Breaks all Records on TikTok

By Team BitBol,

Globally acclaimed smartphone brand, TECNO has finally announced the winners for its
trending gesture challenge on TikTok, #Giveme5withSpark5. The official video of this act
went viral and reached 200 Million views on TikTok within a few days of its broadcast.

The challenge was first broadcasted with the celebrity faces including gorgeous Sadia
Khan, talented Yashmina Gill and former video-jockey Hina Altaf. Not only this 30 famous
TikTokers like Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain Sikandar, Areeka Haq and Malik Usman
further endorsed this creative act by uploading their fun videos.

The brand has announced 3 Winners for this fun challenge of the year

GiveMe5WithSpark5. The names of the winners who would avail the premium Spark 5 Pro

variants are, Arooj, Muskan and Sherry.

TECNO’s creative campaigns have always helped boost up the numbers of its admirers.
Likewise, TECNO’s previous TikTok hits, this challenge has also gathered huge fan
following for the brand. The challenge #Giveme5withSpark5 was a huge success due to its
winning handset the brand-new SPARK 5 Pro.

The Spark 5 Pro challenge was all about, hand clapping gestures. The buzzing electric
tune in the background chanting “Spark 5” on repeat, fueled the videos with more energy.
The five fingers of two hands undergoing this drill are an insignia to Spark 5’s success. This
challenge brought back to you all your care-free childhood memories.

TECNO’s user-centric vision has once again exemplified its role in the tech industry
among its rivals. The brand has created its own name as the most promising smartphone
manufacturing hub with an excellent history of customer services. With the success of this
challenge the brand would once again surprise its admirers. For more updates, Stay Tuned
with TECNO.

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