Colgate Continues to Fulfill its Commitment to Oral Health and Hygiene with Animated Short Film

By Team BitBol,

Colgate, the leading toothpaste brand, is breaking down barriers in the
marketing sphere allowing creativity to take center stage with a new animated short film to spread
awareness about the importance of oral health and hygiene amongst youngsters.
The original animated short film titled ‘Colgate Tooth Defenders’, follows the story of the young tooth
defenders, led by Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell, as they defend Tooth City from the evil forces of Don
Cavity. The short film follows the young superheroes as they subtly integrate messages about oral health
and hygiene with creative storytelling. The brand has also launched an official theme song for the short
film ‘Don Cavity Hai Mera Naam!’
“We are changing the way people think about oral hygiene,” said Aziz Jindani, COO Colgate-Palmolive
Pakistan. “Health is essential to everyone, and we want to impart the message that it includes caring for
the mouth too. A healthy mouth is the reason behind a happy smile – and Colgate has always aimed to
spread smiles.”
This newly launched campaign is another effort for Colgate’s Bright Smiles Bright Futures initiative
where they reach out to children across the globe and create awareness about oral health and hygiene.
The past year, Colgate Pakistan had reached out to 1.4 million kids from 3062 schools, across 190 towns
around Pakistan.
The animated short video and official theme song have been released on YouTube & can be viewed on
the links below:

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