Zong 4G reaffirms its commitment to Pakistan this World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

By Team BitBol, 

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication company, on this Telecommunication and Information Society Day reaffirmed its commitment to Pakistan as it continues leading Pakistan’s digital revolution. Having invested over USD 3 Billion over the past 12 years and creating over 300,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, Zong 4G is leading Pakistan’s Telecommunication Industry from the front.

In 2014, Zong 4G became the first and only operator to launch 4G services in Pakistan. Zong 4G also added another feather to its cap when it became the first operator to test 5G and the first operator to successfully test 5G video call in South Asia. Zong 4G has widest 4G network of the country that equips Pakistan’s largest 4G customer base every day with the fastest internet of the country.

As an operator which has always stood with Pakistan and with the outbreak of COVID19 Zong 4G and its ever-dedicated employee force stepped forward to ensure the provision of seamless services for both individual and business customers. In response to coronavirus outbreak, Zong 4G announced a comprehensive plan to maintain network services, assist government authorities, facilitate customers and ensure that the economy continues functioning digitally. With teams working across the country and around the clock, from the safety of their homes to being frontline workers, Zong 4G’s employee force set new standards of dedication and commitment.   With a focus on health and education, Zong 4G is working closely and proactively with the Federal and Provincial Governments. Zong 4G has offered free GSM and data services with recharge to NDMA along with managed Wi-Fi for internet. Zong 4G is also offering VPBX Services to NIH which provides multiple connectivity points for swift response. Zong 4G has also partnered with the provincial Governments and district management authorities to create awareness around

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