Research Says Pakistanis are Now Window Online Shopping before Buying Offline

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None can deny the fact that online shopping in Pakistan is gaining popularity. Online shopping has not only changed the customer’s habits but also revolutionized businesses around the globe. Online consumers want to see the year-end as well as Black Friday sales at Buyoye , Daraz and GetNow to get an idea about the product before making an actual purchase. We can call it an online window shopping.

Research about online shopping in Pakistan

According to a study by Google, a Pakistani consumer has a changed behavior towards online shopping. The sample of the study was 2,500 online Pakistani shoppers with 18 to 55 years of age. One-third of this sample was from the rural areas that provide interesting results. The results of the study indicate that the majority of Pakistanis mostly use Google to collect information about a specific product before making an actual purchase.

Online window shopping

The focus of the study was based on three categories like skincare, smartphones, as well as women’s wear. The study shows that Pakistani shoppers search 1.6 times more for online skincare products, for smartphones 2.1 times, and for women’s wear, it is three times more. These search results show that the majority of online Pakistani shoppers are more inclined towards online window shopping where they can get an idea about all the details of the specific product.

It indicates that the brands should work efficiently for a consistent online presence. They should create user-friendly websites and provide clear details about the product on their website.

Online reviews

Another point of the study is that people are now habitual to Google a product in spite of its presence in the local stores. It indicates that before purchasing a product people prefer to search for a product online for reviews and important information about it. It is a common practice now and is called ‘webrooming’. If they want to get more details, their focus is there always on the reviews of skincare products as well as smartphones. These reviews help them to know about the plus and minus points of the product as well as the experience of people who have purchased that product. These reviews assist a person whether he/ she should buy that product or not. While in the category of women’s wear shoppers prefer to read an article about ‘how-to’ like its usage etc.

Moreover, online window shopping saves time and money for the consumers and they can get information about the desired product without leaving their comfort zone. They have no need to visit different shops physically in search of an ideal product. That is the reason; people prefer online window shopping in Pakistan.

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