Our Obsession to To win

By Ali Raza

Recently, we are suffering with cricket fever. In my opinion it is good to have obsession for cricket or any other game. But one thing that used to annoy me, we want always our team to win. Our obsession with always winning is not limited to cricket only. From beginning of our lives, parents want their children to be superior to other children, we want our children to stand first in their school exams, want these children to always win whenever they play any game. We don’t thing of losing in our lives.  In this opinion piece I want to question our mindset of always playing to win the game.

Don’t we question the idea of preparing a winning combination teams. What superior strengths are of our team as compared to their counterparts? Don’t we question the selection criteria of PCB? We need to question, how long PCB took to organize and train winning combination for world cup which used to hold every four years. If we study the doing of business mechanism of PCB, the boys just cook delicious policies, pick a team from selected pool of 200 to 300 players. The other favorite task of PCB boys is to poach the advertising revenue by selling commercial rights of cricketing tournaments.

The core task of PCB boys should be to set up cricketing bodies on town, tehsil and district level and conduct regular tournaments between towns, tehsils and district teams.

Here, I like add that this business model is not limited to cricket.

The other sporting bodies should establish their network on town, tehsil and district level. Then these local bodies should conduct regular tournaments and broadcast these events on local TV and radio channels. The sports tournaments on local will boost local sportainment, nurture local talent and help to earn local sponsorship.

The sports bodies should generate advertising revenues from local sponsors.  This strategy will not only boost sports, helps to prepare team competent enough to win international championships. The mature sports culture develops billion dollar local sports industry and open new vistas of jobs for local people.

 The problem to establish world class sports infrastructure in Pakistan is not resource constraint but attitude constraint and sense to do good for sports in Pakistan.

To prepare winning team for international tournaments, PCB should select team from pool of around 5000 playing at town and district level teams. The PCB besides of eyeing for international tournaments conducts local champion trophies consistently.

Here we also discussed we follow same attitude we follow in our all walks of life.  We want business to flourish on the cost of other businesses, we want to in our professional life on the cost of others.

The other aspect is that everyone wants success in shortcuts.

In 1999 world cup when Pakistan cricket team winning combination fought to reach in world cup final. When our team became world champion in 1992 then we should have moot reasons that led our team to become a world champion.  The famous quotation says if we did not heed the reasons of our success then we could not be able to discover reasons of our failure. To add to misery, we attached our happiness with winning or losing of our cricket team. The game is game; championships and tournaments appear and vanish in circle of history, we need to detach our happiness from game and focus more on fundamentals rule of games, what it take it to apply principle of our daily lives and professional lives. The most of games player have to play their assigned roles, team play create synergies with each other and try to overcome their knockout team. In the end, one team lose and other win, winning team celebrates success and losing team feel sorry and heed the causes of their failure. In next morning they move on and both winning and losing team practice for next match to come but this team with different strategy trying not to mimic pass mistakes. The rat race goes on so our lives.

We all need to understand that our lives at home, in school or in office are like games, in every place we each are like a team member and we work to achieve some unassigned or assigned tasks. We should all try to play nice and make our homes, offices and country a better place to live.

Just like a crick match, we have to play like cricketer in our daily life and help each other.

If we see other side of coin, we have came to know that success does not come over night, it takes awesome planning, killing hard work, consistent practice to win a game, to pass a competition,  to make a business successful and to pass an exam.

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