Jobs for Pakistan’s Generation next

By Team BitBol Pakistan’s recent census 2017 has revealed a staggering population of 210 million and according to the UN population fund report 63% or 132 million are between the ages of 18 and 33. Out of this 69 million are 15 or under and 58 million between 20 to

DWP rewards star cricketer Muhammad Hafeez for his performance in Champions Trophy 2017

By Team BitBol The Champion’s Trophy 2017 was held earlier in June, where Pakistan won the Trophy first time ever after defeating India in final match. As a token of appreciation, Digital World Pakistan (DWP) presented star cricketer Muhammad Hafeez with a 65” LED TV and GREE Air-Conditioner in the

Huawei challenges Apple’s Siri with Mobile AI

By Team BitBol There was chatter around AI a couple of years ago, triggered by Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. And while voice assistants have retreated into the background, artificial intelligence has kept hold of people’s imaginations and remains a key trend in technology. Early in 2016, Huawei predicted the coming